Polar Bear Facts

Polar bear and cubs

Lets take a look at some awesome Polar Bear facts.  The White Planet is a stunning journey of glittering ice caps, mountains, glaciers, and beautiful Arctic animals, such as the polar bears. It offers a sad reminder that the Arctic is a fragile and threatened place, potentially on its way to disappearing for future generations.

The Arctic is a world apart, ruled by the cold and shaped by ice and wind.
A world of frozen seas, the pack ice, mountains and glaciers, rare animals have managed to adapt to the harsh conditions. From the beginning of winter to the triumphant return of the sun, The White Planet sets out to discover this fragile and threatened area of the world.

 Check out these amazing polar bear facts

  1. One of the largest living land carnivores (meat eaters).
  2. Polar bear’s skin is actually black and its fur is transparent. It looks white because of the way it reflects the light.
  3. The stiff hairs on the pads of a polar bear’s paws provide insulation and traction on ice.
  4. Polar Bears are nearly invisible under infra-red photography.
  5. The main source of food for a polar bear are seals.
  6. Polar bears are strong swimmers and can swim long distances over several hours.
  7. Polar bears have long necks to make it easier for them to keep their head above water when swimming.
  8. At birth, polar bear cubs are about the size of a guinea pig.
  9. When a polar bear wants to play he wags his head from side to side to let the other polar bears know.
  10. The most immediate and topically recognized threats to the polar bear are the drastic changes taking place in their natural habitat, which is literally melting away due to global warming.

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