Did you know that recycling one ton of newspaper saves 15 trees?  Think how much habitat we can preserve if we all chip in. 

Recycled cansRecycling is taking things like paper, plastic or glass and using them again or turning them into something else.  Foe example, notebook paper can be recycled into newspaper and a plastic container can be made into a bird feeder.  Today, many items can be recycled – even old cars and broken electronic equipment like computers.  Just check your local recycling centre to see what you can recycle.  Or get creative and find other uses for your recyclables, such as making a puppet from a recycled lunch bag or wrapping a present in recycled newspaper or fabric.

Recycling rocks for many reasons!

Most of all it saves space, energy and resources.

Here’s what you can do to become a recycling professional:

  1. Start a recycling program at home or school.  If one already exists, take charge of it for one or two weeks.  Decorate cardboard boxes – one each for glass, aluminum, plastics and paper.
  2. Collect these items for recycling and weigh your family’s/classroom’s daily usage of these items.
  3. How much glass, aluminum, plastic and paper does your family/class use per day?  How much per week? Report ways you think waste can be reduced at home or in the classroom.

Great Barrier ReefAre you AWARE?

On one cleanup day alone volunteers collected 3729 tons of rubbish.  That’s the same weight as 37 blue whales, the earth’s largest living creature!

If you connected all the rope, fishing line and fishing nets the volunteers collected it would stretch 1984 kilometres!  That’s about the same length as Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, the world’s largest coral reef!

Clean-up with caution!

When cleaning up wear your gloves at all times.  Don’t pick up any sharp or dangerous-looking items.  If you come across anything suspicious, notify an adult.  Safety first!  Never go near a cliff or any other unstable ground during this mission.

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