Why does the sea taste salty?

The sea

All water, even rain water, contains dissolved chemicals which scientists call "salts." Most of the ocean's salts came from the breaking up of the Earth's crust by weathering and erosion. As rock erodes, rivers carry the salts and other minerals to the ocean. Volcanoes and undersea springs also release salts to the ocean. Read more on why is the sea salty?

Why is the blue whale endangered?

Blue whale

The blue whale is the biggest animal that has ever lived on land or water but its population numbers have been severely depleted by whaling. Approximately 360,000 Blue Whales were taken in the Southern Hemisphere during the 20th century.

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The Sea

The Sea How were Oceans formed? The origin of the oceans has puzzled many people for a long time and it’s interesting that the issue has not been completely settled


tsunamiWhat is a tsunami? A tsunami is ranked really high on the scale of natural disasters. Tsunami’s waves are waves provoked by earthquakes. They don’t look like common ocean waves which we can see near the coast, and they have nothing in common with wind and tides.


Sea creatures

StingrayThe sea is host to all types of sea creatures and marine life including many species of sharks. Creatures of the deep sea are still being discovered and include many weird and wonderful species. How does an octopus move?



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