Why does Space never end?

There are lots of questions we face every day. In school we have questions to answer and sometimes we ask questions at home. In most cases there is always an answer. Sometimes there are wrong answers and always a right answer.

But then there are times when some questions have only one answer which is – I don’t know. That means that nobody knows the answer. There are some questions we just can’t answer. And one of those questions is our topic – why does space never end?

The universe

This is the space in the sky and everything in that space including Earth and the planets and moons, everything.

Now we come to a tricky question. How can you measure space? And if you can measure space, how big is the universe? If you fired a rocked into space and it had enough fuel to keep going for a very long time, when would it reach the end of the universe? That’s one of those ‘I don’t know’ questions.

Special telescopes

Scientists today have really powerful telescopes which allow us to look way, way out into space. We can see stars which are so far away our rockets could never have enough fuel to get anywhere near them.

Fantastic facts

Here are some amazing numbers. Think about this. If you got in a rocket and took off into outer space at a very fast rate and flew for a day non-stop, you would go a long way.

If you kept flying non-stop for a week, a month or a year, you would go a really, really, really long way. But to get to what scientists believe may be the end of the universe, you would need to travel non-stop at a fantastically fast speed for not 10 years or 100 years or 1000 years and not even for a million years. You would have to travel for more than a thousand million years.

To get to what we think is the edge of space you would have to travel for almost 50 billion years!

Space is endless

So we don’t know why space never ends. And while we think we can see a long, long way into space, we can’t be sure that the end we can see is really the end. In fact space may just go on forever.


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