Why is the Sun important?

We all know about the Sun. In summer we get really hot because of the Sun. We wear sunglasses because the Sun makes the world very glary. If we let the Sun get on our skin we may get sunburn. Some people get sick because there is too much Sun on their skin. The Sun makes us thirsty and sweaty. The Sun is very, very HOT.

But why is the Sun important? In fact, the Sun is more than important – it is life. Without the Sun we would all die. And not just people. In fact without the Sun almost every living thing would die.

We need energy

When we play games, when we run and jump we need energy. Our body won’t work without energy and that energy comes from the Sun. We need food to make energy and our food can only be made with help from the Sun.

Plants need energy to grow. Flowers, trees and vegetables all need energy to grow. The grass in the farmer’s farm needs energy to grow. And the energy all comes from the same place – the Sun.

The Sun makes the grass grow, the cows eat the grass and the cows give milk which is made into cheese. Here’s the formula.

Sun – grass – cow – milk – cheese – our food

But what is energy?

Well it’s like a battery in one of your toys. It’s like the fuel we put in our cars. It’s like the food we eat. If the battery is flat, your toy won’t move. If there’s no fuel in the car, it won’t go. If we don’t eat food, we feel weak. And without energy, people and insects and plants and animals won’t work. In fact without energy they will die.

That’s why the Sun is so important. The Sun gives us energy, it gives us life.

No Sun, no life

Scientists tell us that millions of years ago there was a major accident on our planet. A huge rock crashed into Earth, set off a fantastic dust storm and blocked out the Sun for a long time. You’ve probably heard of extinct animals. Well one reason why some animals vanished forever is because the Sun’s energy didn’t land on Earth.

Other good things

But the Sun can be good for other things too.

It can keep us warm
It can help dry our washing
It can create solar power
It lights the way we travel

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